Get Local

Our team of clinical, analytical and quality improvement experts is providing tools, education and assistance to support New England health care providers at the local level. Healthcentric Advisors is supporting these efforts in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Qualidigm will support these efforts in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont. For more information, contact the appropriate State Director below.
Gail Patry, Regional Director

Gail Patry

QIN-QIO Regional Director, New England QIN-QIO
Chief Program Officer, Healthcentric Advisors
Email Gail
Deb Quetti, CT Program Director

Deborah Quetti

Connecticut Program Director
Email Deborah
Danielle Hersey Maine Program Director

Danielle Hersey

Maine Program Director
Email Danielle
Lynne Chase - Massachusetts Program Director

Lynne Chase

Massachusetts Program Director
Email Lynne
Margaret Crowley, New Hampshire Program Director

Margaret Crowley

New Hampshire Program Director
Email Margaret
Gail Patry, New England Regional Director

Gail Patry

Rhode Island Program Director
Email Gail
Jill McKenzie, Vermont Program Director

Jill McKenzie

Vermont Program Director
Email Jill
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